Covid-19 : Responding effectively

Covid-19 : Responding effectively

The unprecendented health crisis we are experiencing requires us to constantly adapt to events. Since the first lockdown, Groupe VITAL has been able to support all of its clients in a highly efficient manner, with a constant concern for the health of its employees, thanks to its great agility.



To this end, we quickly initiated specific plans for each of our outsourcing contracts while regularly adapting them to changing circumstances.

We have also massively mobilized our teams to support our clients in their internal adaptation plans. This support was notably translated through our softphone solutions and the massive deployment of hardware and applications necessary for remote working.

At the same time, we have adapted the organization and planning of all our operational teams by implementing remote/on-site rotation solutions to avoid the overlapping of employees and the contamination of whole teams.

During all the lockdown periods, our service centers were able to remain open, ensuring that all our clients could continue to receive the services they needed for their activities.

We have also set up a communications intranet dedicated to crisis management, enabling us to keep all our employees informed in real time. In addition to this sytem, a “custom” application (V-TALENT) has been developped to enable all our managers to communicate on the evolution of the situation of each of their employees.

We regularly remind our employees of the need to maintain their alertness in the face of strict health protection measures. Our administrative teams were able to quickly find solutions for the supply of masks and gel, which we continue to provide to all our teams on a daily basis.

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