Donation: OMF’s project | Food Truck in Lebanon

Donation: OMF’s project | Food Truck in Lebanon

In 2022, Groupe Vital supported, through a donation, a project of the Order of Malta of France that was particularly close to its heart: that of reaching out to the most vulnerable populations in Lebanon thanks to a food truck.

This project was made possible thanks to the immense support that the OMF received.

Lebanon is a country that is currently facing economic difficulties, with a large part of the population that is no longer able to meet its needs. And it is for these reasons that the Order of Malta France wished to offer a Food Truck to the Lebanese Association of the Knights of Malta.

The Food Truck provides food aid to the most vulnerable by traveling to several cities, supporting local commerce, and spreading conviviality within the community.

The FoodTruck would provide about 1000 meals per month with 5 rounds per week. This dynamic way of distributing food allows us to reach the most needy people, such as the elderly or children from poor families, to offer them a breakfast tray or a hot meal, to help them and create a bond with them.

Cover photo : © Ordre de Malte Liban

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