Groupe Vital didn’t hesitate for a second to sponsor Jade SERSOT, who at the age of 23 is no stranger to the sport, having been crowned world champion in Vancouver 2022 in her first national selection.

Jade took part in the first tournament of the national selective circuit on the weekend of October 14 and 15 this year for international selection.

Of the 171 shooters, only 128, including Jade SERSOT, were retained to shoot the elimination table.

Our fencer found herself up against a number of formidable opponents, but she proved her resourcefulness as she emerged victorious.

Taking into account the pools, Jade finished 5th in this tournament, ensuring with her compatriots that the French women would be present in the quarter-finals.

It’s worth noting that our fencer was able to confirm her place in the top 5 during this competition and, in all clarity, ensured wide victories over her opponents.

Jade was on hand to celebrate Vital’s 25th anniversary. It was a wonderful moment when our fencer presented us with the first copy of her jacket in the Vital colors.

We are proud to have her as a partner and wish her every success, both professionally and personally.

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