Sponsorship: promoting human values

Sponsorship: promoting human values

The human values ​​carried by VITAL Group naturally lead us to support, help or promote at our level associative initiatives contributing to the improvement of our community life.

William is a 12-year-old prince – His dream: “To see beautiful fish” in the Mediterranean.

For example, we bring a little help to the association Petits Princes, created in 1987, which makes the dreams of seriously ill children and teenagers come true, like William, 12, who was able to make his dream of diving in the Mediterranean Sea to see beautiful fishes come true.

We are also happy to have been able to help on the following projects:

•Racing Club de France – Rugby school of Racing 92

•Les petits princes Association – Making the dreams of seriously ill children come true

•Red Star Lab – Promote the equal access to culture, the central axis for equal opportunities

•Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque : Operate in the best conditions on children from underprivileged countries that are suffering from Cardiac malformation

•Lebanese pavilion : Promotion and representation of Lebanese art at the world event: “The 2022 Venice Bienniale”

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Covid-19 : Responding effectively

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Our new service center in Beirut (Lebanon) was inaugurated in December 2021. It was born in response to the economic challenges of our clients brought