New Service Center in Lebanon

New Service Center in Lebanon

Our new service center in Beirut (Lebanon) was inaugurated in December 2021. It was born in response to the economic challenges of our clients brought about by the current crisis. This new center allows us to offer an innovative alternative by reducing costs while maintaining service quality.

The atypical choice of Lebanon for this first international establishment has been shaped by a special history both at the national level by the close link between our two countries and by the attachment of our Chairman to his roots.

This choice is also supported by the availability of qualified local technical skills. In fact, Lebanon is known for its French and English-speaking individuals which guarantees us perfect integration with our French centers.

The choice of an operational model, aimed at the load balancing between our 3 sites, allows us to offer an innovative solution allowing the implementation of a hybrid organization with a mode of operation combining our French centers and that of Beirut to adapt perfectly to your needs.

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