Our approach

Save time & increase quality

Innovative tools for our operational staff

Our innovative tools are carefully chosen to integrate, complement or replace those of our clients if necessary.
From the acceptance report to ITSM, from knowledge management to reporting, we design our processes around automation between the various tooling bricks.
The challenge is to save time and make the data reliable.

We are also proud of the tools we have developed to meet specific needs. G-Control, for example, a tool that secures production tasks, is now integrated into our management contracts and is used daily by several large groups.

A general expertise complemented by strong partnerships

Our increased experience and the diversity of the environments we manage have enabled us to become a generalist contributor, agnostic to the technologies on the market. This allows us to maintain an independant opinion when offering a solution.

Nevertheless, we have selected by domain some editors or manufacturers with whom we have established stronger commercial and technical ties (Microsoft, Centreon, IP-Label, Retarus, SentinelOne, InteractSoftware, …) in order to accompany our clients in a common approach.

Cloud Integration: our "OSMOSE" program

Faced with the advent of the Cloud, we have adapted our operational models to integrate these new technologies into our service proposal. This internal program called “OSMOSE” aims to enable us to become a reference contributor knowing how to combine the operation of historical “LEGACY” systems (MAINFRAME and OPEN) and new Cloud architecture.

Thanks to strong partnerships in Hosting, Development and Design, we offer global and innovative solutions.

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