Our process

Our proximity to colleagues is our strength

VITAL Academy: effective integration

We have set up a professional integration program called “VITAL Academy”, which is designed to support people who are experiencing difficulties in the job market (young people, retraining, disabled, etc.). Experience has shown us that this system provides us with particularly effective resources on an ongoing basis.

Our service centers act as incubators by proposing a vast technical background supported by experienced staff while minimizing the pressures related to the direct contact with the client’s environment.

The perenniality of our teams is our strength

Beyond the processes and tools, we are perfectly aware that the human factor is determining in the quality of our services. Therefore, we pay particular attention to recruitment in terms of both social and technical skills.

The perenniality of our teams is also an essential element, which is why when recruiting, we exclussively offer permanent contracts and follow a proactive HR policy (profit-sharing, bonuses for quality objectives, career development, etc.) aimed at keeping our employees for as long as possible.

A human scale and a tightened corporate structure

The management of Groupe VITAL relies on a limited number of management layers allowing every employee to easily exchange with directors.

This proximity is a common opportunity reinfroced by a stable connection between the management committee and operational managers which allows to make decisions rapidly and accordingly to the challenges at hand.

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